My favorite SONGS!

Whats up you bloggers and today I mean tonight  right know is really going to be a really short post but these are my favorite songs.
These are BTS songs and if you dont know BTS, BTS is Korean boy group and their my favorite band so yeah ENJOY!

1st Go on 1: 12 on the video thats my favorite part.

2nd On this one you just have to listen but if you want to see the video than you can.


Hey guys and you might be thinking why did you name this blog post he caught me . So this video is  my brother and sister dancing to music and they didn't know so after seconds saviour saw the camera and strangled me LOL. Don't worry he didn't kill me. Don't mind my family laughing at the back! ENJOY!

How to fill your empty books!

Hello Its me lily and one question.Raise your hand if you have a lot of books and u barley have a single word in it . Well you wont after watching this video.Click this and you will feel like going on your books.ENJOY!!!